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Our top selling product, custom embroidered patches from ICON Emblem are truly beautiful works of art that serve all kinds of purposes.

Patches are a traditional uniform decoration: Public Safety, Military, Fire and Rescue, and many different types of businesses emblazon employee uniforms with patches. Patches also serve a variety of purposes for for clubs, teams, schools, and all kinds of social and business organizations.

Patches can adorn shirts, jackets, vests, bags, pants, sports uniforms, and a variety of other garments and accessories. They’re also great for fashion branding and can be a fun and inexpensive promotional item to sell or give away.

if you're thinking about ordering embroidered patches, you should definitely request a quote and order a free random sample. We're excited to work with you on your next embroidered patches project!



At ICON Emblem, your customer service rep also happens to be a skilled designer! We can turn even the crudest, roughest, basic outlines of a patch design into amazing patches that our customers love to wear all the time..



Quality is our #1 priority. Check out our embroidered patches gallery to see several examples of our work. If you'd like to see for yourself, fill out this form and we'll send you some random samples in the mail..



The best news of all is that you get the quality design work, personalized assistance, and high-end quality patches for some of the most competitive prices around. Request a quote to see what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1How long until I receive my patch order?
Embroidered patch orders typically take 2-3 weeks to process. This depends on how quickly we get through the artwork setup and embroidery digitizing processes. It also depends on the factory load and other production factors at the time you place your order. We are often able to accommodate rush orders, so please let us know your deadline when you inquire. We'll let you know if we can work with it.
2What border styles are available?

It is important to think about your border style when putting together your embroidered patches order. Patches from ICON Emblem come in two basic styles: Merrowed and Laser Cut.

Merrowed borders are sewin with a special merrowing machine where the thread is sewn around the outside edge of the patch. Laser cut patches are cut to the shape of your design.

Both are great options. It depends on the look and style you're after.

3Do you sell iron on patches? What backing types do you have?
We have four basic backing types: Plastic, Heat Seal, Pellon, Velcro, and Adhesive/Sticker.
Plastic and Heat Seal are the most popular backing choices.
  • Plastic is perfect for patches that will be sewn to the garment. The thin PVC coating helps the patch hold up through washings and repeated wear.
  • Heat seal is our heat activated glue backing. It is possible to iron small heat seal patches to garments. Heat seal is intended to be a quick fix solution. For best results and the longest lasting (permanent) hold, we recommend sewing patches to your garment.
  • Velcro backing is ideal for military uniforms and other garments that where removable patches are ideal.
  • Adhesive/sticker backing is a great temporary backing. Stick them with this backing for a quick fix like a photo shoot or at an awards cerremony. Sew your patch on later for a permanent hold.
4What is your minimum order quantity?
We have a few tiers based on patch size:
< 2.5" :50pcs minimum
2.5" - 6.5": 25pcs minimum
> 6.5" : 20pcs minimum

Keep in mind that our minimum order quantities also apply to reorders. So, you might want to order a few extra just to have on hand.

5I have a rough/crude hand drawn design. Can you turn this into a professional looking patch?
Absolutely! We specialize in this kind of work. Our designers are here to help . Most design work like this is free with the purchase of an order of patches.


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